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Our Story Since 1951

Noël Fourrures, a family affair!
Noël Rizzato, their father, opened the Noël Fourrures store in 1951, which is still in Geneva, at No. 1 Place Edouard-Claparède.

His two sons, Jean-Pierre and Daniel, followed in his footsteps, benefiting from an excellent training and experience of furriers.

It is indeed necessary to know that all fur skins are worked in different ways, mink or mink shaved, zibeline, astrakan, or beaver etc…

The fur lends itself to all styles, always retaining the lightness that makes it so pleasant to wear.

Daniel is now at the leadership of the store and is always ready to help and advise you.

He is attentive to every request and with his team, they always do the maximum to meet your expectations in the shortest time.


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Noël Fourrures,
supplier of Mike Horn

In the early 2000s a partnership with Mike Horn took shape.

Since then, we support him in all his expeditions to the North Pole and to the Antarctic